Don't just write email with AI. Automate it.

Overwhelmed by a relentless flood of emails? is your ally in reclaiming time and focus. Automate thoughtful responses and prioritize essential communications, giving you the breathing room to excel in what truly matters.

Streamlined Email Responses's tool offers an easy way to manage those emails you'd rather not spend time on. Reduce anxiety over unanswered messages and get back to more important tasks.
Experience True Value
From the initial setup to ongoing support, our commitment is to help you maximize the benefits of We're consistently on hand to address your queries and optimize your usage of our platform.
Work with AI's Strengths
We're not forcing a squre peg in a round hole. is powered by our proprietary AI agent, employing AI's strengths like semantic search and sentiment analysis, to guarantee that every message is precisely on target.

Take Control with Sentient.Email

Streamline your inbox. Prioritize what matters.
Auto-reply, like you're always on vacation.


Simple AI Assistance

Let our system help craft responses, so you can focus on more pressing tasks.

Consistent Replies

Our stict mode ensures that the information you provide is the information that gets sent.

Your Voice, Your Rules

Customize your responses to fit your needs. Need to be the authority? We can help. Need to be more knowledgeable? We can help with that too.

Filter By Subject

Choose which emails get an automated reply based on the subject and tone. Keep it simple and efficient.

Choose Your Email Efficiency Plan

Explore offers affordable options that align with our commitment to efficient and effective email communication.


Ready to automate your email?

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Our plans offer a variety of prompts and replies per day, along with email support at [email protected].